While we are putting intense effort into achieving at the highest level on the field, a key success indicator for this club is the development of a culture that lives out our club values. We will achieve this via the development of close relationships between all levels of the club, the provision of opportunities for growth and development of our players both in terms of football and life, and a focus on participation over success in the junior ranks.

There is a strong alignment between our coaches and our club values. Our coaches play a critical role in establishing and representing the off-field standards we expect to achieve, and are putting significant time into supporting and developing our younger players. There is also renewed energy for our junior program with the introduction of the Under 17 girls this year and a firm focus on participation, fairness and equity. We have committed to giving all players an equal number of roster games, regardless of their skill level, to ensure everyone receives the opportunity to play. The level of support and understanding around this is demonstrated by the fact that each week, those players who are rostered off volunteer to act as runner, water boys or assistants.

We take the education and development of our junior players very seriously - they are out future. In 2017 we offered these players special education sessions regarding the dangers of drugs and alcohol and provided them with opportunities to volunteer in the community. All of these activities were very well supported.